Our price includes.....


  • Remove steering box and tie rods fabricate and install RHD rack unit
  • Relocate steering column to RH side
  • Remove AC box from firewall and install an aftermarket HVAC unit, replumb and route hoses
  • Modify Defroster vents for better function
  • Modify wipers as needed
  • Fabricate new dashboard assembly in RHD including instrument cluster and glove box
  • Fabricate new pedal brackets and relocate pedals, cables and hoses
  • Relocate and fabricate new emergency brake pedal/handle
  • Rebuild center console to make room for Sat-Nav, UK sound system and options
  • Fabricate front tag holder
  • Fit new side mirrors with integrated side marker lights.
  • Adjust suspension and spring rates for UK roads

Nice additions......


  • Shorten bed by 24"
  • Upgrade brake disk diameter and callipers
  • Upgrade to multi-disk clutch/flywheel/flex plate assembly
  • Upgrade to Tremec TKO600 transmission
  • Add PC based dynamic engine mapping to the ECM
  • Add parking sensor system
  • Fit integrated UK phone and/or hands free system
  • Fit integrated UK Cat 5 tracking support system
  • Match wood on bed to interior trim
  • Replace digital instruments with analogue


If we could do anything....


  • Shorten bed by 30"
  • Replace the interior
  • Add an integrated data and Go-Pro camera system
  • Re-spray to customer specs
  • Airbrush work to spec by one of the top artists in Europe
  • Anything you can dream.....

What the boss has to say:

"This truck arrives packing some prestigious awards.  You do not win in Detroit without pouring over every little detail and getting it perfect.  It is going to look great in UK."

What Cory has to say:

"Santa brought me a body saw.  This truck is too long."