Our price includes.....


  • RHD re-build with rack & pinion steering and matching column
  • Fabricate pedal hangers, plumbing and under dash structure
  • Re-design and install HVAC with upgraded de-mist
  • Upgrade security system to UK Cat 1
  • Reverse windshield wipers including new drive and wash system
  • Re-fabricate the dash panel for RHD layout
  • Build new console including Satnav, UK stereo and options
  • Fabricate new front and rear valance panels for UK plates and signals
  • Fit new side mirrors with discreet integrated side marker lights
  • Fit new high-level brake light


Nice additions......


  • Add a drift brake to the new console
  • Add PC based dynamic engine mapping to the ECM
  • Add parking sensor system
  • Fit integrated UK phone and/or hands free system
  • Fit integrated UK Cat 5 tracking support system


If we could do anything....


  • Upgrade to racing brakes on all 4 corners
  • Upgrade 3rd member and lower the gear ratio
  • Re-spray to customer specs
  • Airbrush work to spec by one of the top artists in Europe
  • Anything you can dream.....

What the shop boss has to say:

"With 566 HP at the rear wheels envious on lookers will instantly turn green inside the cloud of burning rubber and barely be able to see the blur as it speeds off into the distance"

What Josh has to say:

"A thoroughbred racehorse to make you forget about all the other ponies in your stable."