Our price includes.....


  • Remove steering box, tie rods and idler arm
  • Fit either RHD Pittman Arm or Rack and Pinion steering
  • Relocate steering column to RH side
  • Upgrade to Vintage Air HVAC unit, replumb and route hoses
  • Modify Defroster vents for better function
  • Reverse wipers/washer system for RH primary
  • Fabricate and paint wiper modifications in cowl
  • Fabricate new dashboard assembly in RHD including instrument cluster and glove box
  • Fabricate new pedal brackets and relocate pedals, cables and hoses
  • Rebuild center console and integrate customer options
  • Fabricate front tag holder
  • Fit new side mirrors and high level brake light
  • Adjust suspension and spring rates for UK roads

Nice additions......


  • Reinforce frame mounts and upgrade front A-arms 
  • Replace front and rear sway bars and upgrade mounts
  • Add dynamic engine mapping to the ECM
  • Fit integrated UK phone and/or hands free system
  • Fit integrated UK Cat 5 tracking support system 
  • Add an integrated data and Go-Pro camera system

If we could do anything....


Let's face it, this is a built first year Camaro that looks like it is going 100mph standing still.   Other than adding a supercharger, and paying some much needed attention to the front suspension, there just isn't much to change.  After all, it's already black.

What the shop boss has to say:

This is a nice car! After a front suspension upgrade it could be a great car.

What AJ has to say:

Raising the bonnet on this car is like opening a jar of fresh ground coffee.  It titillates all my senses.