Our price includes.....

Here is another Jamison's Chassis Corvette.  This '63 Stingray convertible is sitting on one of the finest chassis made.   It is so important on a car like this to approach every component with a thorough understanding of how it fits into the whole.  Fortunately, that is SOP at American Revolution. 

  • RHD re-build with rack & pinion steering and matching column
  • Re-build under dash structure including pedal hanger assembly
  • Re-tune suspension for UK roads
  • Re-design and install HVAC with upgraded de-mist
  • Upgrade security system to UK Cat 1 (minimum)
  • Re-fabricate the dash panel and glove box  for RHD
  • Build new console integrating the Satnav, sound suite and options
  • Design mounts and illumination for UK licence plates
  • Re-design skid plate under oil pan.  Fabricate proper rear mount.


Nice additions......

  • Upgrade to Tremec TKO600 transmission and shifter
  • 4 new VR rated Tyres
  • Upgrade clutch/flywheel/flex plate assembly to multi-disk
  • Add a drift brake to the new console
  • Add PC based dynamic engine mapping to the ECM
  • Add parking sensor system
  • Fit integrated UK phone and/or hands free system
  • Fit integrated UK Cat 5 tracking support system
  • Remove side pipes and run stock exhaust


If we could do anything....

  • Replace 3rd member housing and mover rear disks inboard
  • Replace engine with LS series engine
  • Re-spray to customer specs
  • Airbrush work to spec by one of the top artists in Europe
  • Anything you can dream.....

What the boss has to say:

"If you want mind-bending acceleration, cornering and braking you go to the experts and buy a tuned chassis.  Then put one of the most beautiful cars ever built on top of it.  A few hundred thousand dollars and a lot of attention to detail later, this is the result."

What AJ has to say:

"Even Batman needs a daily driver."