Our price includes.....

  • RHD re-build with rack & pinion steering and matching column
  • Re-spring suspension and set baselines
  • Re-design and install HVAC with upgraded de-mist
  • Upgrade security system to UK Cat 1
  • Reverse dash panels, including custom work already present
  • Build new console including Satnav, UK tuner and options
  • Design mounts and rear illumination for UK licence plates
  • Fit new side mirrors with discreet integrated side marker lights
  • Fit new high-level brake light


Nice additions......


  • Add a drift brake to the new console
  • Add PC based dynamic engine mapping to the ECM
  • Add parking sensor system
  • Fit integrated UK phone and/or hands free system
  • Fit integrated UK Cat 5 tracking support system


If we could do anything....

I once heard a piece of Mozart's music described this way: "If you took away one note it would be incomplete, if you added one note it would be excessive".

That applies so well to this car.  Other than the steering wheel is on the wrong side and few other bits, we can't think of anything we would change or add... This car is simply a steal at this price.

What the shop boss has to say:

"Post cars are awesome.... not sure why so much value is placed ont hardtops.  Doors can do a better job when there is a frame around the glass".

What AJ has to say:

"Who needs Fifty Shades of Grey when you can have one shade of black?"